About Art

“I am not a politician. I am a family man, a scientist, and an educator. But when times are tough and you know you can help you step up to the plate. After all, it’s the Oregon way.”

I came to Oregon in 1980 and I’ve lived just outside Cave Junction ever since, raising my family, creating jobs, and helping the community wherever I can.

My family mean the world to me. After my wife, Laurelee, was taken from us by pancreatitis in 1988, I raised our six children by myself on the family farm. They’re my proudest achievement. They shine with the same light she had. Five of them now hold doctoral degrees, with another on the way. The educational curriculum I developed for them is now used by 60,000 children across America. That’s why I truly believe that our schools should teach to each child, and not just to the test.

As a scientist I’m always looking for solutions to problems. After graduating from CalTech and receiving my PhD in Chemistry from the University of California in San Diego, I co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute and the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, which today lead the way in developing advanced diagnostic and preventive medicine to help the people of Oregon. My dream is to find a cure to the disease which took my children’s mother from them.

art-robinsonI’ve been called on to help the government a number of times. I worked on medical and defense issues during the Reagan administration and on energy issues during the Clinton and Bush administrations. Sometimes it takes a scientist to solve political problems.

I am a firm believer that people of good faith and expertise should offer themselves for public service, on the understanding that they should not forget the communities they seek to represent. That’s why I am a champion of term limits and know that career politicians should be the thing of the past.

I’ve enjoyed the good times and been through the bad times with my fellow Oregonians. For too long we’ve been told what to do by people who don’t understand what we need and how we want to live our lives. It’s time we made our voices heard and take control back from Washington.