Campaign Objectives

Our campaign objectives differ from most congressional campaigns. We have no interest in obtaining the money, power, and notoriety that can be derived from congressional office.

During the past 50 years, my colleagues and I have worked in biochemistry, engineering, energy, education, medicine, national defense, and climate science. We have made real accomplishments in each of these endeavors.

Congress now contains few people with accomplishments outside of politics and has essentially no scientists and engineers. Yet, for example, our greatest international competitor, China, has more than 50% of its political equivalent positions filled with scientists and engineers.

My goal is to use a congressional office as a portal with which to bring men and women of accomplishment into the capitol building – filling my office with such people rather than the usual ambitious politicos. Some of my most outstanding colleagues are ready to make the sacrifice of going to Washington and doing this work.

Every day the news brings word of more and more political shenanigans in Congress that are harmful to our nation. This must stop! Yet, it will not stop until we put people of real accomplishments into the capital building.

Surely, we have won the Republican nomination five times, yet still failed to win the general election. Productive people know that, if a thing is worth doing, it is worth refusing to give up. Work until you succeed. Each election we have done better. We now win five of the seven District 4 counties by solid margins. We need to win the two remaining high population counties.

In order to succeed, we need the financial means to communicate our abilities and goals to voters. Please consider providing us with additional help.

 Thank you for your consideration.

 Art Robinson

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