Right to Life

Life begins at conception.

No one has the right to kill an innocent child.

The opportunity to live a human life upon the Earth is the greatest secular gift that we can comprehend. There is no value or objective that can rise above or even equal this.

An estimated 60 million American children have been brutally (and “legally”) murdered by abortion.

Peter DeFazio, my bi-annual opponent in the Oregon District 4 congressional elections, supports taxpayer financed killing of unborn children and even the killing of children during birth.  DeFazio also supports the impeachment of President Trump, who is a principled opponent of abortion.

DeFazio has just two skills. He knows how to manipulate the special interests in Washington for personal and professional gain, and he knows how to lie his way back into congressional office every two years.

While these “skills” are tolerated in many politicians, DeFazio’s reprehensible view that taxpayers should finance the killing of children before and during birth disqualifies him from public office.

Moreover, if the fundamental right to life of every American is not protected, then our other fundamental human rights will ultimately also not be preserved.

Art Robinson

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